STAFF Gelato Machine, HTX 150 A

Machine that you can program creatively as ways of your always for the best result with counter top designed for consistency control for the pruduction of creamy, compact and dry ice creams.
  • Double door hinge for a perfect closing
  • Comfortable and wide hopper with extention for a fast mix filling
  • Agitator shaft with double seal
  • Productivity Gelato 1-2 Lt/Circle(10-12 Minutes), 15 Lt/Hour
  • Productivity Creama-base 5 Lt/ 50 Minutes
  • Dimension(LxPxH) 435x800x695
  • 230 V 50Hz 2200 W
  • Built in Defrosting
  • 53 coustomizable Menu
  • Stainless steel bodywork
  • High performance speed for different textures
  • Tank’s non-slip carpet with easy washing